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Medicala The cells of the brain. A review book Category: carti Product #: 48373 4.6 stars, based on 86 reviews Regular price: 250 LEI 195 (Sale ends ) Available from: Executive Objects Condition: Previously owned, in excellent condition In stock! Order now!
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The cells of the brain. A review book

Preţul iniţial: 250 lei
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Editură:  Medicala
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The cells of the brain. A review book de Danaila Leon

Contine 99 figuri.

Cartea este in limba engleza.

Prezentare: In the last decades we have witnessed a dramatic explosion within the neuroscience research. Within the frame of this informational explosion, the author of the book, a very famous neurosurgeon and titular member of the Romanian Academy, tried to encompass in a succint, rational, actual, comprehensive and effective synthesis the multitude of the data related to this ample domain. The author, who studied the brain cells for more than 55 years and reached less pertinent conclusions, currently reanalysed the respective cells with the aid of a new technique, the goal being represented by the redefinition of the origins of the previously mentioned entities, so that his true scientific wealth, which is quoted by scientists throught the world, will last in time.

Cuprins: Mammalian cells: The cellular components. The neurons of the brain: The molecular motors in the nervous system. The oscillating brain and the neural fields. The ependymal cells. The choroid plexus. The neuroglial cells: The astrocytes; The oligodendrocytes – The contribution to disease. Microglia. Other cells and lymphatics of the brain: Fibrocytes; The pericytes – Immunocytochemical study; Lymphatics in the brain; The lymphatic drainage of the central nervous system.

Adresabilitate: This review book is important for all those who are interested in the study of the neuroscience and wish to find out certain supplementary data with reference to the anatomy, the physiology and the biochemistry of the cell populations within the brain.


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